I’m the editor of :

Come Sing It Plain: a Martin Carthy fansite and blog

TeamBB: The BEACHBUGGY website (as Marshall A. Quinn) 

The Blog of Beatles Lists, Stats, Charts …and more! (anonymously)

I’m also an occasional contributor to the Northern Sky and Fatea magazine websites, sometime radio presenter and folk club promoter, Masters graduate in Visual Arts In Contemporary Culture, Beatles nut and Yorkshireman in the land of the red rose.

Past Things and Present is where I collate some of my published writing and the odd original article. Most of the previously published pieces are reviews of recent folk music – live gigs, downloads, CDs and the occasional slab of vinyl – with a slight bias towards music rooted in the English or American traditions. The subjects of the original articles tend to be a bit more varied.

Thanks are due to Allan Wilkinson at Northern Sky and Neil King at Fatea for commissioning most of these pieces, or in some cases for allowing me to indulge my current obsessions and agreeing to publish the results sight unseen. Please check out their respective magazine websites where you’ll find many more reviews and articles on a wide variety of music. 


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